It’s been a minute!

Just a little update on what’s going on in the world of Haleigh!


(or 4 months, same thing)

Hey everyone!

Isn’t it kinda weird that we start off posts with salutations, as though we expect people to be reading these updates? I highly doubt many of you read these, but to those of you out there, hello, again 🙂

Well, I realized that I hadn’t posted since 2018 (oops, you all know I’m bad at this), so I thought it was HIGH TIME I wrote a little update on life!

Actually, quite a bit has happened since I last posted, so let’s break it down into some handy-dandy bullets:

  • Fitness update: I stopped adhering to a strict bulk. Ugh I know, I was so committed. Feel free to yell at me, but with my health issues, it was hard to keep up with. I have found that I am just not able/don’t want to go to the gym quite as often as necessary to stick to a proper bulk, and right now, I’m committed more to trying to listen to my body than a program.
    • In terms of fitness programs though, I’m going to start Meggan Grubb’s Peach Plan next week – has anyone else tried this?!
  • Health update: Still dealing with the SAME OLD ANNOYING ISSUES OMG HOW.
    • Endocrinologist – I started working with one, and we checked my pituitary for any tumors. We found a 2mm one, but she doesn’t seem to think that’s causing my hormonal imbalances (although, I still think this could be a possibility – anyone with any experience here?) Now she is sending me for ovarian and uterus ultrasounds since I haven’t had a period in 2 years.
    • Gastroenterologist – I started working with one of these – she basically told me I’m super backed up (duh, and sorry for the TMI), and I had to go through this super cleanse that they put you through before a colonoscopy. It was hell. AND it didn’t really even help. She’s having me take Miralax everyday, but I still have issues. This morning, I went in for a hydrogren breath test to test for SIBO – to be continued here…
    • General health issues I’m still dealing with:
      • No period
      • Hair loss (has stalled, so I’m hoping this was seasonal and hair starts growing back soon)
      • Acne
      • Weird, peeling skin on my face
      • Joint pain
      • Fatigue
      • Gastro issues
      • FUN FUN FUN
  • Career update: I STARTED A NEW JOB! In January, I started a new job at amazing consulting company in downtown Chicago. Honestly, this job has been a God-send. I struggled so much in finding a job with a company that I valued and respected, and a role that I somewhat enjoyed but also paid the bills (city living is expensive, ya know?). But this year, I found it! Everyone here has been so great, and I no longer dread going to the office everyday. It’s a great starting point, and I feel less stressed in my work life – MAJOR win.
  • Other life updates:
    • I’m still single
    • All my friends are getting married or having babies
    • I am enjoying new co-worker friends
    • I am BEYOND excited for Chicago summer
    • I’m trying to get back into practicing piano again
    • I’m so ready for my favorite show The Bold Type to come back like I cannot wait.
    • I’m looking forward to more life changes later this year!

Alrighty, that was short and sweet, but sometimes, in a world where we’re all “connected” on social media but don’t actually speak, it’s nice to write things out, in case you care to know anything about my life.

I sincerely hope you are doing well, and if you aren’t and you’re reading this, I want you to know that I am always willing to listen to any word vomit you may have. Let’s chat.



Easy Budget Template!

Raise your hand if finances stress you the heck out?! *Stands on chair to raise her hand as high as possible*

A few weeks ago, I asked on instagram if anyone would be interested in having me share a budget template that I use to track how much I’ve spent each month and on what, and the response was overwhelming! So, I’m finally sharing and just in time for holiday spending!

Honestly, money stresses me out SO much. LIFE IS SO DANG EXPENSIVE AM I RIGHT?! But I find that when I actually sit down and look at where I’m spending my money, I have a better understanding and therefore game plan of where I can cut back, or where I have money to spare.

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find the link to the google sheet that you can make a copy of for personal use, but first I’m going to quickly walk you through how to you use it! Feel free to skip to the bottom if you already feel like a google sheets whiz!

Your Budget Template:

This is what your google sheets budget will look like. There will be two tabs — the budget tab and the transactions tab. Each month, you can change the headings to reflect the month you are budgeting for.

Your Budget Tab:

This is what your budget tab will look like. This is the tab that you will project what you will be spending, where you will see what you have ACTUALLY spent (more on this in a bit), and the difference between those two values.

Let’s go through some of the different cells and values you see in the budget.

  • Project and Actual Income: These are both manual entries. Typically they stay the same, but of course if you have less traditional means of income, that may change more frequently. Just check your direct deposits to see how much you’ve actually brought in each month! *Note* I base my budgets off of what is actually deposited and available to me – NOT a salary. Then you would have to worry about entering taxes and such and ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • Projected, Actual and Difference Balance cells: These are all formulas that will update based on what you enter in your budget sheet!
  • Projected Cost columns: Each month, you will want to manually enter your projected expenses. Often times these will be the same for fixed expenses, but some areas of spending will change! Take time each month to reflect on the past month and adjust for the upcoming month if necessary.
  • Actual Cost columns: This is probably the most important column to look at when tracking your spending. If you click the cells, you’ll see that these cells actually have formulas – these formulas will pull transactions or expenses you track in your transactions tab to the appropriate budget cell. MAGIC.
  • Budget areas/headers: The budgets in pink and the titles going down the first column within each budget are TOTALLY up to you. These are what I use, but you can alter and change them to fit your needs and spending! If you do change them or add lines, just be aware that you will have to make some changes to both the budget page and the transactions page (more on this in a bit).
  • Projected, Actual and Difference Total Cost cells: These are all formulas that will update based on what you enter in your budget sheet!

Your Transactions Tab:

This is what your transactions tab will look like. This is the tab that you will input transactions or expenses that have happened within that month. I list everything: rent, utilities, groceries, i.e. everything I have listed in the budget tab!

Typically, I’ll take some time on Sundays and just go through my spending from that previous week and enter it all in.

Now sure, there are apps that “track your budgets”, but the hard thing is when you go to a store like Target, and you buy groceries, beauty products and cleaning products, the apps will only attribute that total expense to what you have Target listed as. So if you have Target listed as a Grocery budget place, it will say you spent that entire total on groceries, which may not be accurate.

This is why manually tracking is helpful, especially when you are trying to stick to clear budgets. Keep your receipts, and go through them each week and track them manually!

When you enter an expense, you’ll enter the date, the venue (where you spent your dollars), the payment source (which credit card or debit card used or if it was cash), which budget it falls under (there is a drop down with all your budgets listed!), the cost, and any notes associated with the expense.

The magic part? Every expense listed here will AUTOMATICALLY be entered into the “Actual Cost” cell of the associated budget. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Adding/changing budgets and formulas:

  • Adding budgets:
    • If you want to add new budget areas, you can do that pretty easily! Insert a row where you want to add the budget, and format it as needed. Once it’s added, you’ll want to make sure the formula for the transactions tab is copied the the “Actual Cost” cell for your new budget. All you need to do is select a cell with the formula, hit copy, and paste it into the new budget “Actual Cost” cell. Easy! The formula will automatically adjust to be the correct version for the cell to which it is copied.
    • For your reference, this is what the formula is:
    • Once this step is complete, you’ll want to make sure that the transactions tab knows about the new budget. To do this, head to that tab and select the Column E drop down menu, and click “Data Validation” as pictured:
    • In the Data Validation box, you can add your new budget name to the list, separating it by a comma. This is also where you should delete any budget titles that you removed from the budget tab or change any that you altered.

How to get your google sheets budget template:

When you click the link below, it will take you to a view only version of the template. Simply go to the File menu, select “Make a Copy”, and that copy will save an editable version to your google drive!

Each month, I just make a copy of the the previous month’s budget and adjust. I keep all of my monthly budgets in their own folders for future reference.

Fun tip: You can OF COURSE change the colors to suit your personal style, but ya know your girl was gonna go with pink 🙂

GET MY Google Sheets Budget Template!


If you have ANY questions or need any help, please let me know! Also let me know if this was helpful and if there is similar content you’d love to see from me.

Happy Spending and Saving!


happily haleigh

Week 4 Update

Four weeks already?! Whaaaaa….. Crazy.

Anyway, I actually shared the below vlog a week or so ago now, so we’re actually in week 5. BUT, if you’re interested, check out the following vlog for a few little updates on how my bulk and health journey are going.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional vlogger, so please excuse the lack of quality! This was uncut and unedited because it was just what I was feeling and dealing with in the moment.


  • Continue to deal with weight fluctuations – went all the way back down to 116lbs but now I’m stable around 120lbs.
  • Eating around 1850 per day – I’ll probably stay here for a bit just because I know I have the holidays and work travel coming up, and I’ll probably inherently end up eating more in those coming weeks – natural bulking :p
  • Still dealing with hair loss (obvi) and IT IS THE MOST ANNOYING.
  • I have a doctor’s appointment with a new endo next week – I am PRAYING that this doctor takes all of my past and current medical struggles seriously. Curious if anyone has experience knowing what thyroid tests to ask for? I know that you have to be really proactive with the information going into one of these appointments. Comment below if you have any tips!

So that’s the little update – enjoying bulking so far, taking it slow, trying not to freak out about all my health ailments and keep my stress in check which is virtually impossible because money sucks, life is hard, and health is silly LOL.


happily haleigh

Here we go again…

I’ve done this before, but I’m restarting my blog. Actually, I’m starting fresh on a lot of things.

Hello, hello!

I’ve done this before, but I’m restarting my blog. Actually, I’m starting fresh on a lot of things.

For some of my close friends, they already know I’ve been dealing with these feelings, but I have continued to feel lost and unfocused, continued to struggle with health problems, and have just generally not felt like “Haleigh”.

You may not be able to see this from my instagram, but it’s true. I can remember days when I was full of energy, a brighter (and slightly weirder and crazier) version of myself — and I want her back. I’m sure it’s a combination of societal pressures and my imbalanced hormones, but I’m struggling to feel energized and passionate, and I know that’s just not me!

So I’m restarting this blog not to promote it, not to be a blogger, not to be anything to anyone except myself. I’m keeping this as a space where I can be happily Haleigh, talking about my health struggles, the things I love, making it look how I want, and not worrying about the feedback I either receive or do not receive on it.

While this is my space, I’m happy to share with you. I hope that if you do stick around and follow along, that something resonates with you! Always feel free to drop a hello – friends are fun 🙂

As I post more, I’ll share more in depth about the future content of this site, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet. Briefly, things I’ll be posting about:

  • Hormone imbalances and the quest to get my period back (sorry if that’s TMI but not really that sorry LOL).
  • Food intolerances – living with them and alternative recipes!
  • Fitness routines
  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Pop culture things I love
  • General commentary/venting pieces


happily haleigh